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Friday, January 25th, 2008
4:55 pm - Survey


I'm a final year psychology undergrad and was wondering if you could help me with my questionnaire on group behaviour in MUDs vs MMORPGs.I seem to get lots of questionnaires back from WoW players but out of the 70 I need from MUD players I only have 3 so far. If you could help I would be eternally grateful! It'll only take a few minutes. Thank you :)



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Monday, October 29th, 2007
10:29 am - Showdown MUD

Hi, I'm a MUDder. Have been since about 1995. You may know me as Enneirda Shierco the Kiwi Lady, Sciffy Circo, or some other character with Silent Kiwi in their title or clan name. I used to play a MUD called Zombie: the Awakening, but that one died a slow and painful death. I've tried other MUDs, but they all seem to have disappeared, except for the ones that couldn't really hold my interest. I'm currently looking for other addicts, to try out the one I'm on now, so hopefully, it won't also die a slow and painful death.

Come try out Showdown MUD. We started out as a Circle-Diku, and it's been heavily modified. No stock areas.

Classes include Magician, Cowboy, Cop, Cyborg, Monk, Shaman, Assassin. 60 Levels, plus Remort. Currently, Remort means you go back to lvl 1, with better stats, but they're working on changing that.

It's got a small playerbase currently, and a small handful of Imms. Lots of areas to explore. You're allowed to play 3 characters at once.

It's a world of swords and guns, spells and skills. Areas are based on TV, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, history, twisted realities, and our own imaginations!

Mudconnector listing.

Review here. Slightly out of date.

Showdown MUD at mudhost.com:4445

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Thursday, July 27th, 2006
10:28 pm - Avalon; The Legend Lives
causabon Hi there,

If anyone is looking for a new MUD to play then go to http://www.avalon-rpg.com

or Telnet/Zmud to avalon-rpg.com 23

I've been playing this MUD for about 10 years and it has kept me engrossed since then. Needs a couple more players for the quiet times though. Would be cool to see a few people from here play.

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Sunday, December 26th, 2004
4:18 pm - Perfect Endeavor MUD!

My character names are usually Demphy, Mauly, Qabik, Eithne, Shango, Cathal.. I've been MUCKing and MUDing for around 6 years now.

I'm currently working on my own MUD, Perfect Endeavor. It's approximately two years in the making so far, and I've only gotten going on ideas to implement. I'm setting aside a few years (at least three) to develop the game. The MUD will include a multiclass system (70 unique classes total) spread out over 4 tiers. 40 races to choose from, a language system in development, stances, very unique spell groups and skills. However, none of the coding/writing/building has been done. And as any MU* Imp/Owner can attest to, building a MU* is nearly impossible to do alone. So, please come stop by my livejournal log/community of Perfect Endeavor in the making, even if it's just to offer suggestions or ideas! pfct_endeavor

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Friday, September 24th, 2004
5:56 pm - Hey, new to MUDs

Hi, I'm trying to find a good multiplayer game that is easy to get into and combat heavy. I especially like modern themes, i.e., more gun or swordplay than fantasy and magic. Player vs player is great too, I have two other friends and we all want to pick up a game quickly to have fun on Telnet.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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Friday, July 30th, 2004
3:54 pm - All icons have is hope...

Iconoclast began in March of 1996 as a hazy concept of a futuristic world that would incorporate everything that needed incorporating. In short, it was a reconstruction of everything, a world that represented the world, but for a few decades of difference. Genetic experimentation, cybernetics, neural interfaces, megacorporations, gangs and cults, millennial panic... topics the Cyberpunks had been writing about for years, now finally accepted as essential elements in all writing, and in all things.

Reality has finally caught up with science fiction. And reality is, as it turns out, scarier than the wildest Cyberpunk nightmares. In a way, the world of Iconoclast exists all around us, a frightening fantasy that is no longer just fantasy. So what happens when you take the present day and project it 100 years into the future?

That's where you come in.


An Icon is not a person. An Icon is just waiting for an Iconoclast to come along. In fact, an Icon doesn't even deserve a capital letter. From now on, you will be referred to as an icon.

icons are those who fuel the machine. icons are the cannon fodder that keep wars going. icons are numbers. icons are faceless. icons struggle every day to make enough money to pay for rent and food so that they can survive for one more day to start the whole process over again. icons are trapped.

All icons have is hope.Collapse )

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Monday, July 12th, 2004
10:43 pm - Random Questions for this Community...>

Hello ello!

If you read the below

Then you'll know

As to whom I may be :P

Well, it has been brought to my attention, that this little puddle of MUD needs some action...so...>

::LisaRisa enters into the MUD::


::LisaRisa says Hi!::


Heh heh heh...

WARNING: I AM a dork, will NOT deny it.

Okay, lets see, here's tonite's randomness.

yO Everybody Listen up!

We want to start a happy little island of fun up in Hurr!! So in order to get to know eachother a little better, feel free to play the GE77ING2NOu GAME! The rules and regulations: Answer questions, post questions. NOT: Qestions DO NOT need to be relevent to MUDding, etc.

K, Lets Get STARTED!

1)Where you AT?
2)What do you DO, lifewise?
3)Describe yourself.
4)What's your "coined phrase"?
5)Favorite joke?
6)Pick your own interesting tidbit you'd like to share. (^U^)

Okay, HAVE FUN!!!

These are all just random questions that just came to mind...there is NO METHOD to my MADDNESS!


Note: To view format desired, read the first post. :P

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9:39 pm - The geek question

I'm trying to get a little more active conversation going here, so, hopefully, this'll branch out into a lot of other MUD-themed (or, at-least, MUD culture-themed) discourse. The question is, as it stands, do you think of yourself as a geek, or at-least, someone who fits in with the archetypical MUD gamer?

my self-assessment (lj-cut as to not taint your initial reaction to the question. Don't worry, you don't have to cut, too.Collapse )

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Sunday, July 11th, 2004
10:59 pm - eY!!

Ey guys!!!

Well well well....I've been looking for a community of MUDder to join...looks like this will be my First One!


The shtick was to post ho we got turned onto MUD correct?

Well, I've only been MUDing since this summer...so not long, not long at all.

How did I get turned on? :P
My friend Scott.
I talk to him via AIM.
He kept talking about it, MUD. I had NO CLUE what it was.
He'd not talk to me to code. Then send me a "hey" every now and then to let me know he wasn't dead. :P
Eventually I got bored waiting for him...soooo
if you can't beat them, JOIN them, right?

So then He intoduces me to the world of MUD....
........and now i'm ADDICTED MAN! heh heh heh:P

I started off playing End of Time , which is actually being revamped at the moment...so that's where I learned the ropes.

Now we play Waterdeep...which he says is pretty crappy, but that's where we're at now.

His is called Morningtide Dreams....it's up next on the list...hopefully.

I joined to jus chill w/ some fellow MUDers!

So yea, I guess this is all I've got for now!





:::Lucillia waves good-bye and dissapears into the void:::

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
6:32 pm - Greetings

Hello, I'm a rather seasonned MU*er, although you could say I'm pretty picky too. I've MU*ed for about 8years now, starting out at H&V a very flexible superhero mux (and probably one of my favorites as they allowed such stuff as anime and even power rangers to co-mingle with marvel and DC), I've also played at such places as Metamux, Supermux, Legends Rising and more recently, FFMUSH. Of all the Mu*s I've ever played at, FFMUSH was my absolute favorite. My problem now is that all of those MU*s have died out and I dont really RP anymore because I cant find ANY worthy MU*s. I'm really into the fantasy theme (a la final fantasy mush), but I find it's difficult to have fun RP if you're stuck on a mush with dull players or a dull theme. I've tried places like ffmux and BGM but I find the people either mega idle, ignore me, or just engage in idle OOC chatter all the time. I've looked at places like mudconnector, LJ, GJ and even googled stuff but found nothing. I'm really into fantasy MU*s and anime MU*s (but I hate those generic and poorly themed anime amalga type MU*s). Anyone know of any good places or a place to find good fantasy/anime MU*s?

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Friday, June 18th, 2004
4:25 pm

Hey, everyone. I'm a bit intimidated about being a newbie on Armageddon, and I was wondering a bit about it. It's not like any mud I've played on before, and it's also the first RP mud I've played on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Monday, June 14th, 2004
3:39 am - Intro thing


Just saw the little blurb for this group tonight in the mu* Rpers community. I've been MU*ing for 12 years now, ever since maxi_rose introduced me to FurryMUCK back in June '92. Played there only about 3mo till she drug me over to Two Moons MUSH and I went on to discover other games (Like Amber MUSH) on my own from there. I never really did get the interest to play on MUD's, getting plenty of hack and slash fun via other computer games. RP on the MUSH's sucked me in and hasn't let me go since.

After years of saying, 'I Don't do WoD', a friend from an original themed, and now defunct MUSH drug me to play with him on a WoD game called Dark Wine and Roses. I had much fun. Learned the whole WoD system, and am now hopelessly addicted, though at a loss to find a WoD game I have any real interest in. I left DWR a handful of months before it closed, and returned last year when it re-opened, only to leave it again a couple months ago. So I'm like... desperate to find another that will hold my interest. I'm thinking this might be a pointless venture and I should just hold out till after WoD 2.0 comes out and new games crop up who aren't using White Wolf's now dead meta-plot. I'd very much welcome suggestions. :)

And no, mudconnector has been no help. It needs to clear out if's listing of defunct games. :)

This isn't to say I'm not open to other interesting games. But I have yet to find any original theme games that are catching my eye lately either. Every one is too engrossed with mimicking D&D and Lord of the Rings. *sigh*

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Saturday, June 5th, 2004
4:46 pm - An introduction, as requested.
muffinmaneric I honestly don't remember how I've gotten into MUCKs, for one thing. I'm also more of a MUCKer than a MUSHer, albeit definitely -not- a furry. Nevertheless, I have accounts on SporkMUCK, FurryMUCK, SpinDizzy, and SPR.

While I'm here, I may as well ask - I'm looking for a halfway-decent modern or low-magic fantasy RP-MUCK or MUSH that's -not- furry. Would anyone would be able to point me in the direction of such? Thank you. :)

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Monday, May 31st, 2004
4:04 am

I first got into muds when I was in high school. I played a couple of what I thought to be 'high-roleplay' muds for a while, eventually focusing on one for a while. It honestly wasn't that great. It added a bit more entertainment to being online, I suppose, but I'd log in while I was doing other things online, not merely for the sake of mudding.

When my roommated introduced me to this perma-death, characters-by-application-only mud a while back, I was a bit skeptical, but the experience has been great. I ended up giving the other mud up in disgust; I hadn't imagined that roleplay could actually be as immersive as what this new mud was showing me.

At any rate, I'm still not logging in specifically to mud, but maybe that's just how it works for me. Mudding is a great way to blow off steam or find something interesting to do, since not every day of the week can have a concert or house party. At least, not up here in the frozen wastelands of central Alberta.

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4:11 am

The first day's done-and-gone. I'd really like it if everybody who's a member would make an intro post similar to what I and _adventchild_ (thanks, again, for posting) did, yesterday. I'm going to bother some other groups, tomorrow, but I'd really like it if some of you guys convinced your MUDy friends to join on because I don't wanna be the guy who gets flak for spamming a whole buncha groups. Oh yeah, if you guys have any suggestions for community interests, reply with them, or post them.

P.S. In real-life news, one of my friends was watching me at my computer today and she was like, "Is that a MUD?"

She's now a much-better friend.

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Sunday, May 30th, 2004
12:59 am

Once the gears start to turn, this place will be a nice little community. They don't post much besides adds back in the MU* RPers.

I started MUDing when I was about ten or so. My brother, who was a complete computer genius, had already been playing. He loved it so much that he dragged me into it, where I found that I loved it as well. I started out on a Forest's Edge clone called The Eternal Forest (TEF). Though it was riddled with jerks and other uncomfortable people to MUD with, I grouped with my brother and eventually could go on my own. I only grew to a level 10, but I told no one of my age and was an avatar in no time. About a year later, I was a builder imm on another MUD called Ideas of the Forest, though it unfortunately never really grew.

I hope others join, because this place has potential for a nice board. =)

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1:58 am - The First Post

Hi, I'm bioproject, the admin, and (if anybody joins), I'd like you all to start off by talking about how you got into MUDs.

Me, my parents were pretty against the whole tabletop roleplaying thing (son of two presbyterian ministers, so it's reasonable). Anyway, I'd sorta heard about muds and played a few text games, but I never really got into it until my friend, Brad (who was, probably, the greatest PS1 RPG player, ever), convinced me to join this mud. It had some stupid name like, Darkblade, or something, and it was completely hack-and-slash, but I really dug the whole concept, and started playing more MUDs, reasearching them, and trying to make my own, at-some-point (it didn't go that well because my C knowledge was terrible).

I stayed out of the game for about two years, then, I got caught on a three-week vacation with nothing better to do, and I decided to start MUDDing again. Its quite fun.

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