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An introduction, as requested.

I honestly don't remember how I've gotten into MUCKs, for one thing. I'm also more of a MUCKer than a MUSHer, albeit definitely -not- a furry. Nevertheless, I have accounts on SporkMUCK, FurryMUCK, SpinDizzy, and SPR.

While I'm here, I may as well ask - I'm looking for a halfway-decent modern or low-magic fantasy RP-MUCK or MUSH that's -not- furry. Would anyone would be able to point me in the direction of such? Thank you. :)
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There are -so- many other games out there that have nothing to do with furry fandom...

Check out (I have no affiliations with them. I just use them on a regular basis) and The last is actually a web page for a social mush that has -many- listings for other games and people you can talk to about the game listings. It's address is on the page under the 'connect to OGR' link.

Good luck!
I've looked -extensively- on Mudconnector, and found nothing that was -just right- for me that wasn't overwhelmingly furry. Odd, no?
*blink* Very odd. Considering how extensive their listings are for MUCK, MUSH, and MUX. Did you do searches by server base and skim from there, or what? :)
Exactly. I'm very picky. ;)
Dude, maybe you need to become a little less picky? *duck* *grin* :)

Or just log into some games that even come close to your area of interest. They might surprise you. :)

Or maybe I'm just too optimistic, considering my own woes with the WoD genre lately. ;)
I should try. But it's difficult. *throws headphones, or something, to be ducked*

Anymore, I've become to upset with the glut of RP'ers who create assassins, infinitely powerful mages, et al, giving a hugely long and boring background as the reason for their invincible power. :P

Yes. You're too optimistic. ;P
Chargen. It's all about chargen and approval. Then only the admin's friends can create all powerful (insert favorite character type here). ;)

*hides her all powerful Mage* Hey, some of us don't get our all powerful characters all in one go. Sometimes we have to play the characters for 3-4 years before they get all powerful! And then they get boring, because there's no challenge left. :P No, I'm afraid I don't actually get the appeal of all powerful characters. No challenge, no fun.

Which is maybe why I stick to WoD after years of AmberMUSH (which has it's own measures to create min-maxed characters to a degree). Not everyone -can- create an all powerful character from the get-go without jumping through admin ass kissing loops. Even that doesn't guarantee that the law of Darwin won't affect said all powerful character. If they suck, no one will RP with them and they eventually go away. ;)

If D&D appealed to me these days, many of their chargens prevent the same thing. With the same exceptions as above. That's just not something you can escape. *smirk*

Hm. Hey, if you're interested in Star Trek at all, I hear Anomaly actually rocks for a Trek game.
Well, that's exactly my point. Those who create huge backgrounds seem, to me, to get through chargen remarkably easily with über-powerful characters.

And I can't stand Star Trek. ;P
I hate to say it, but you either have to suck it up, or give up MU*ing if you don't like the all powerful characters around. They're -always- going to be around in one form or another -- earned or otherwise. :)

And no, the monstrous backgrounds don't always get powerful characters. And some of the ones that do only get them because the huge background put the admin to sleep so they didn't check the +sheet. I've seen it happen. Then said admin gets bitched out by the game administrator for letting such a character out on the grid. ;)

Don't let some f***head ruin your fun. Just don't play with him/her/them. :)

And I don't like Star Trek either, but tales of Anomaly have seriously tempted me just for the RP potential with good players...

If I wasn't moving two states away in 6 days, I might have more to say about it than hearsay. But I don't even know exactly when I'll get net access back. *le sigh*
Hee, well, thanks. To be honest, I pretty much have given up RPing, and mostly socialize. It's not always as easy to avoid f***heads as you might think, for me. ;P And by the way, I do appreciate your advice. Thank you. :)
Yer welcome. I wish I could actually point you at specific games that would rekindle your RP fun, but I've been at a loss since late April myself. :) I -do- have one prospect, a WoD game set in Denver, but I just can't bring myself to app a character, then disappear off the face of the net while I move.

The only other thing I can ask is: Have you googled for any games? I still find games around that don't actually advertise on mudconnector and OGR.
Hmmm, that's a good idea. Thank you!

And thank you as well, for putting up with my countless objections, endless rambling, and myriad complaints. ;)