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Suzanne Capwell

Intro thing


Just saw the little blurb for this group tonight in the mu* Rpers community. I've been MU*ing for 12 years now, ever since maxi_rose introduced me to FurryMUCK back in June '92. Played there only about 3mo till she drug me over to Two Moons MUSH and I went on to discover other games (Like Amber MUSH) on my own from there. I never really did get the interest to play on MUD's, getting plenty of hack and slash fun via other computer games. RP on the MUSH's sucked me in and hasn't let me go since.

After years of saying, 'I Don't do WoD', a friend from an original themed, and now defunct MUSH drug me to play with him on a WoD game called Dark Wine and Roses. I had much fun. Learned the whole WoD system, and am now hopelessly addicted, though at a loss to find a WoD game I have any real interest in. I left DWR a handful of months before it closed, and returned last year when it re-opened, only to leave it again a couple months ago. So I'm like... desperate to find another that will hold my interest. I'm thinking this might be a pointless venture and I should just hold out till after WoD 2.0 comes out and new games crop up who aren't using White Wolf's now dead meta-plot. I'd very much welcome suggestions. :)

And no, mudconnector has been no help. It needs to clear out if's listing of defunct games. :)

This isn't to say I'm not open to other interesting games. But I have yet to find any original theme games that are catching my eye lately either. Every one is too engrossed with mimicking D&D and Lord of the Rings. *sigh*
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Always come to Dark Metal.. after all the God is a friend of yours.


Be well.
Heehee! Wow, you went digging way back. :)

Trust me, I've been thinking about it. RL is occupied with a lot of stuff right now (pending holidays and prodding at hubby to get a damn job), but I know things will settle down eventually.