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Hello, I'm a rather seasonned MU*er, although you could say I'm pretty picky too. I've MU*ed for about 8years now, starting out at H&V a very flexible superhero mux (and probably one of my favorites as they allowed such stuff as anime and even power rangers to co-mingle with marvel and DC), I've also played at such places as Metamux, Supermux, Legends Rising and more recently, FFMUSH. Of all the Mu*s I've ever played at, FFMUSH was my absolute favorite. My problem now is that all of those MU*s have died out and I dont really RP anymore because I cant find ANY worthy MU*s. I'm really into the fantasy theme (a la final fantasy mush), but I find it's difficult to have fun RP if you're stuck on a mush with dull players or a dull theme. I've tried places like ffmux and BGM but I find the people either mega idle, ignore me, or just engage in idle OOC chatter all the time. I've looked at places like mudconnector, LJ, GJ and even googled stuff but found nothing. I'm really into fantasy MU*s and anime MU*s (but I hate those generic and poorly themed anime amalga type MU*s). Anyone know of any good places or a place to find good fantasy/anime MU*s?
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