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The geek question

I'm trying to get a little more active conversation going here, so, hopefully, this'll branch out into a lot of other MUD-themed (or, at-least, MUD culture-themed) discourse. The question is, as it stands, do you think of yourself as a geek, or at-least, someone who fits in with the archetypical MUD gamer?

I, myself, have, sorta fit the mold, I'm saying, I've DMed a few D&D campaigns, had a comic book collection, read (and still do read) plenty of science fiction novels. However, most of that-sort-of behavior took place in middle school/early high school. I dunno, I'm an english-philosophy student, and while that's a little geeky, I suppose, I've always approached it very seriously. I don't particularly get into any "fandoms" (whatever that means) and I've never, particularly cared for black clothing or ironic t-shirts. I've had a lot of friends like that, but I dunno...it's never been my bag. I still read a few comics, now, but mostly of the DC/Vertigo-type. I do read science fiction, a lot of science fiction (Ted Chiang, Gene Wolfe, Ursula K. LeGuinn, William Gibson, etc), but I also read plenty of "modern lit," memoirs, and philosophy books. I'm not trying to de-rationalize myself as a geek, I'm certainly not "cool" (not that that, really, matters, past high school). I have many friends among the "geekier" set, but I dunno, I always feel a little inearnest around them, like they're part of something that I'm, really, not a part of.

So, yeah, I guess I really don't fit in with the mud gamer/geek stereotype (even though I've been called one, many times), I just share enough interests to enjoy their games, which, still, makes me rather happy.
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