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The geek question

I'm trying to get a little more active conversation going here, so, hopefully, this'll branch out into a lot of other MUD-themed (or, at-least, MUD culture-themed) discourse. The question is, as it stands, do you think of yourself as a geek, or at-least, someone who fits in with the archetypical MUD gamer?

I, myself, have, sorta fit the mold, I'm saying, I've DMed a few D&D campaigns, had a comic book collection, read (and still do read) plenty of science fiction novels. However, most of that-sort-of behavior took place in middle school/early high school. I dunno, I'm an english-philosophy student, and while that's a little geeky, I suppose, I've always approached it very seriously. I don't particularly get into any "fandoms" (whatever that means) and I've never, particularly cared for black clothing or ironic t-shirts. I've had a lot of friends like that, but I dunno...it's never been my bag. I still read a few comics, now, but mostly of the DC/Vertigo-type. I do read science fiction, a lot of science fiction (Ted Chiang, Gene Wolfe, Ursula K. LeGuinn, William Gibson, etc), but I also read plenty of "modern lit," memoirs, and philosophy books. I'm not trying to de-rationalize myself as a geek, I'm certainly not "cool" (not that that, really, matters, past high school). I have many friends among the "geekier" set, but I dunno, I always feel a little inearnest around them, like they're part of something that I'm, really, not a part of.

So, yeah, I guess I really don't fit in with the mud gamer/geek stereotype (even though I've been called one, many times), I just share enough interests to enjoy their games, which, still, makes me rather happy.
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No, I do NOT believe I fit the "mold". I'm def not dorky enough. I "eminate cool vibes"...heh. I like boys who fit the mold...wait, not really, I personally picture MUDder to be particularly dorky. I just like boys who play WAAY too many video games and read comic books. But i've never actually SEEN a MUDer, so I do not know.

I do have glasses....the "emo" kind, although that's just coincidence, since I'm NOT emo...at all.

I'm falling out or rave, or maybe I already hit...that's what I was in HS, now I'm just lazy and don't make too much of an effort. And rave died anyway.

I don't read sci-fi past Wrinkle in Time and Narnia, if that even counts...
I don't know anything about D&D other than it exists, or Chrono Trigger,or w/e.
I NEVER saw or played Final Fantasy.

Is this blasphemous?

O well.

The fact is I play...

I don't really feel like I'm quite the picture of the typical MUDer, exactly. I understand why you feel inearnest around your "geekier" friends, because I feel that way too. The group of "gamers" that I know are more... obsessive, I suppose. They tend to see the surface of games and love the killing and bloodlust; quite frankly, I don't quite see games that way. Just odd little prods at the back of my mind seem to seperate me from their clique.

I consider myself a geek. The things that interest me tend to be of the type of things that only a geek would be interested in. For instance, I like to learn, love to read sci-fi, and like RPGs and RPing. I mean, honostly, who else has learned the D'ni numeral system? (Myst)

By the way, what are some good sci-fi books? I've only read a very few good ones.
Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuinn
the whole new sun thing by Gene Wolf (hard)
Idoru by William Gibson
Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang

I've heard good things about John C. Wright, too, but I can't find his books in either of my towns

Michael Moorcock's elric stuff is, apparently, pretty swingin' too