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Random Questions for this Community...>

Hello ello!

If you read the below

Then you'll know

As to whom I may be :P

Well, it has been brought to my attention, that this little puddle of MUD needs some>

::LisaRisa enters into the MUD::


::LisaRisa says Hi!::


Heh heh heh...

WARNING: I AM a dork, will NOT deny it.

Okay, lets see, here's tonite's randomness.

yO Everybody Listen up!

We want to start a happy little island of fun up in Hurr!! So in order to get to know eachother a little better, feel free to play the GE77ING2NOu GAME! The rules and regulations: Answer questions, post questions. NOT: Qestions DO NOT need to be relevent to MUDding, etc.

K, Lets Get STARTED!

1)Where you AT?
2)What do you DO, lifewise?
3)Describe yourself.
4)What's your "coined phrase"?
5)Favorite joke?
6)Pick your own interesting tidbit you'd like to share. (^U^)

Okay, HAVE FUN!!!

These are all just random questions that just came to mind...there is NO METHOD to my MADDNESS!


Note: To view format desired, read the first post. :P
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