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urgent medicines difficult to find in your country

The First Post

Hi, I'm bioproject, the admin, and (if anybody joins), I'd like you all to start off by talking about how you got into MUDs.

Me, my parents were pretty against the whole tabletop roleplaying thing (son of two presbyterian ministers, so it's reasonable). Anyway, I'd sorta heard about muds and played a few text games, but I never really got into it until my friend, Brad (who was, probably, the greatest PS1 RPG player, ever), convinced me to join this mud. It had some stupid name like, Darkblade, or something, and it was completely hack-and-slash, but I really dug the whole concept, and started playing more MUDs, reasearching them, and trying to make my own, at-some-point (it didn't go that well because my C knowledge was terrible).

I stayed out of the game for about two years, then, I got caught on a three-week vacation with nothing better to do, and I decided to start MUDDing again. Its quite fun.
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