Private (thorned) wrote in guard_self,

Perfect Endeavor MUD!

My character names are usually Demphy, Mauly, Qabik, Eithne, Shango, Cathal.. I've been MUCKing and MUDing for around 6 years now.

I'm currently working on my own MUD, Perfect Endeavor. It's approximately two years in the making so far, and I've only gotten going on ideas to implement. I'm setting aside a few years (at least three) to develop the game. The MUD will include a multiclass system (70 unique classes total) spread out over 4 tiers. 40 races to choose from, a language system in development, stances, very unique spell groups and skills. However, none of the coding/writing/building has been done. And as any MU* Imp/Owner can attest to, building a MU* is nearly impossible to do alone. So, please come stop by my livejournal log/community of Perfect Endeavor in the making, even if it's just to offer suggestions or ideas! pfct_endeavor
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