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waist-deep in mud

and loving it

A MUD/MUSH/MOO/etc Support Group
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This is a community for everyone who MUDs. This is not, necessarily an on-topic community, just a way for people with the common interest of Massively Multiplayers Text Roleplaying to hang out, chew the fat, etc.

I'd love to see some people post logs, but only if hide them behind cuts. Also, please don't plug your MUD all-the-time. I don't mind you doing it, but it seems like that's all MUD communities are for. General idea, this isn't necessarily about programming as-much-as-it-is about the love of the game. (another key word is game, if you use MUD software or MUD-like software for chatting, and sex sims, and gawd knows what else, more power to use, but this is, hopefully, a gaming community)

Acceptable topics of conversation include
  • MUDS/Mudding
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy Media (Books, Movies, Comics, etc)
  • Roleplaying
  • MUD nostalgia
  • Characters/Character Logs
  • MUD Resources
  • Anything Dorky
I'm bioproject, your humble admin. My only qualification is that I've been playing MUDS, very badly, for a long time...so yes...join...have fun.