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Showdown MUD

Hi, I'm a MUDder. Have been since about 1995. You may know me as Enneirda Shierco the Kiwi Lady, Sciffy Circo, or some other character with Silent Kiwi in their title or clan name. I used to play a MUD called Zombie: the Awakening, but that one died a slow and painful death. I've tried other MUDs, but they all seem to have disappeared, except for the ones that couldn't really hold my interest. I'm currently looking for other addicts, to try out the one I'm on now, so hopefully, it won't also die a slow and painful death.

Come try out Showdown MUD. We started out as a Circle-Diku, and it's been heavily modified. No stock areas.

Classes include Magician, Cowboy, Cop, Cyborg, Monk, Shaman, Assassin. 60 Levels, plus Remort. Currently, Remort means you go back to lvl 1, with better stats, but they're working on changing that.

It's got a small playerbase currently, and a small handful of Imms. Lots of areas to explore. You're allowed to play 3 characters at once.

It's a world of swords and guns, spells and skills. Areas are based on TV, movies, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, history, twisted realities, and our own imaginations!

Mudconnector listing.

Review here. Slightly out of date.

Showdown MUD at
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